Sphinx Titanium

  • Fitness
  • Group Classes
  • Body Building
  • Personal Training
  • Nutrition / Dietitian
  • Martial Arts Academy
  • Sport Wear Shop
  • Supplement Shop
  • SPA
  • Juice Bar.
  • Coffee Shop

Sphinx TITANIUM Health Club & Spa Gents Only is the third brother in FCC health clubs and Spa that opened in May 2015; Titanium offers to its members a unique and premium environment that no other health club can offer, furthermore a safe and controlled environment in which they can enjoy a variety of health and fitness activities and services enabling them to achieve both mental and physical wellbeing.
All our services are united under the Sphinx name by the common vision to become the leading brand in the health and wellbeing industry in Bahrain, the Middle East, and Eastern
Ultimately, the Titanium vision is to positively transform the lives of its global members by helping them lead and maintain healthier and happier lives.
Sphinx aspires to achieve its mission and vision by offering the best one-to-one personal service in the health and wellbeing industry.


Our Team
Titanium pride itself on employing the best and most skilled people in the business.
Itqs team of trainers and nutritionists are well qualified to provide members with top quality health and fitness advice.
The widely acclaimed team of experts at Sphinx, armed with the latest in cutting edge technology, take pride in offering members targeted advice specific to their individual needs and requirements.
All trainers at the Sphinx Health Club are fully accredited on the Exercise Professionals Register and are thus able to offer some of the most advanced training protocols in the world.
All that members really have to do is to share their health and fitness goals with their trainers. Trainers are then equipped to create specific and targeted nutrition and exercise programs to ensure that members reach and often exceed their goals.
Sphinx trainers and nutritionists are equally qualified and boast impressive resumes and achievements.
In addition to their skills and experience.
Sphinx Titanium Health Club ensures that its staff receives regular training workshops to enhance their ability to provide the best and most up-to-date services to its members.
Sphinx Titanium team of professionals provides advice on everything under the health and fitness sun; from information on diet and nutrition programs to targeted exercise routines.
Sphinx Titanium members  can be sure to get the best advice and motivation coupled with unsurpassed customer service. The end result is ultimately continued customer satisfaction and confidence in the Sphinx name.
Thereby ensuring that members continue to receive personalized and exclusive services.

  • Top of the line Panetta, equipment and machines.
  • Over 60 cardiovascular and resistance machines.
  • Free weights. 
  • Personal training.
  • Group exercise classes.
  • Spa: Steam rooms, saunas, Jacuzzis and Changing rooms.
  • Unlimited re-assessment and program reviews.
  • Gents Saloon and Massage.
  • Café Shop and juice bar.
  • Friendly one-to-one personal service.

Sphinx Titanium Health Club can offer you more than the average gym, the unparalleled range of services and the diversity of its client base make Sphinx Titanium Health Club an attractive destination for any company. Because Sphinx Titanium is committed to encouraging general well being, and because it seeks to maintain healthy bodies, minds and souls through its gamut of services, corporate members will undoubtedly uncover increased energy, motivation, and fitness levels. This will most certainly pay dividends to the employees themselves as well as to their respective companies

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